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This is a stained Cherry bathroom cabinet.

This is a stained Cherry mantle, and a stained Alder bathroom cabinet.

This is a set of stained Cherry cabinets for a bathroom.

This is a stained Alder vanity, and pantry.

Three stained Cherry vanities with drawers under the plumbing.

Two stained cherry vanities, an angled cabinet for make-up, and a set of shelves for towels.

This is a ready for paint bathroom cabinet, and tv frame.

This is a set of vanities, and a pantry cabinet out of stained Alder.

This is a face frame and doors to go around 3 sides of a spa. This will give them access to the guts of the unit.

This is a bench for next to the bath tub. It will have finish on every surface since it will be in a moist environment. Project #9 for this client. This is white, in contrast to his usual stained cherry projects. I just forgot to take a picture before I left. I should be back over there for project #11 soon, and I will take pictures then.

This is a stained alder bathroom. There is also a medicine cabinet with an over sized mirror that hinges on the wall

This is a stained alder vanity with jack and jill sinks.

This is a drawer and drawer front. The original owners omitted a drawer to accommodate a sink, so I am making a special drawer box, and putting in a new drawer front, because the original one is long gone.

This is the master bathroom in a clients home. It is a similar style to the kitchen I am doing for them right now. This hangs from the wall with no feet, or toe kick. There are also 6 floating shelves to go up the walls on each end of the vanity. It is a stained Alder shaker style, with 1/8 inch gaps between everything. Project #3 for this client.

This is a white paint grade vanity. There is a floor to ceiling pantry cabinet, and a sink cabinet. This is project #2 for this client.

A large white kitchen, two bathrooms, and a laundry room.

A white paint grade shaker style kitchen and bathroom. This style has 1/8 inch gaps between all the drawer fronts, and doors. The cabinet without doors is meant to be open.

This is a stained cherry vanity. Project #3 for this client.

A kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms.
This is a custom kitchen, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. He had the cabinets along the walls painted with a light shade, and the island done in a medium gray/green shade. The laundry room and restrooms are different too. I forgot to go take pictures of those when I went back.

A custom cherry vanity, and matching corner cabinet.

Mahogany vanity, pantry, and upper cabinet over the toilet with dark cherry stain. The camera took the purple, and red out of the wood, and made it look kind of brown.

This is a stained Alder bathroom. There is a wall to wall base cabinet, two medicine cabinets, and a mirror frame. The client stained and sprayed this himself. The mirror was still in the other room while the silicone was drying, and will be installed by the client. All glass is held in place with clear silicone, and is very strong.

I just replaced the old bathroom doors with new ones, and touched up the existing cabinet for this client.

This is a paint grade vanity, and a set of drwers, with a wine storge compartment. There is also an addition to some existing cabinetry.