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This is a pair of Swiss Coffee closet cabinets.

This is a set of roll out drawers and file drawers behind a new set of stained Cherry doors.

This is a wall of Maple cabinetry.

This is a dining room table made from extra thick local bookmatched Walnut, and Oak of the same variety.

This is a stained pine shelf for the hallway.

This is a set of knotty alder cabinets for a large cabin in Reno. Some of them go under the stairs.

This is phase 2 for a client of mine. Two angled bench seats, a 13 foot tall solid cherry arch over the mantle, and we are retro fitting the entertainment center for the new tv.

This is a set of six arched insets for a wall in a long time client's house. It matches the other 6 projects I did for him. Each inset has multi-colored led lights embedded in the bottom shelf pointing up. Each inset also has it's own stained glass gem placed in the top center. Each stained glass gem has led back lighting inside of it. It was difficult to get a direct shot since they are 15 feet up the wall. Project #7 for this client. #8 and #9 are on the books, and will be on the site soon. Working on #9, and 10, and 11 are on the books now.

This is a pair of stained cherry bed steps. Project #11 for this client.

This is a stained rustic Alder bar cabinet, and some shelves with stemware racks.

This is a set of archway casings. Each arch has a full wrap. The walls going up to the arches as well. Some of the work has applied moulding, and some has rosettes, and some has fluting. Project #8 for this client.

This is a stained oak insert with fancy brass leaded glass doors.

This is a face frame and doors to go around 3 sides of a spa. This will give them access to the guts of the unit.

This is a mahogany and walnut cross. It is 6' 8" tall, and hangs on the wall with led lighting on the back of it, shining onto the wall behind it. Project #10 for this client. This is getting put in by someone else, and I should be able to go take pictures soon.

This is a pair of cooler stands made out of Sapele, and marine grade plywood for weatherability.

This is an espresso wall insert.

Project #2 for my Las Vegas client. This is an alder toy box/bench seat, with a raised panel front. There will also be several alcove shelves, and a couple more floating shelves.

This is a bench for next to the bath tub. It will have finish on every surface since it will be in a moist environment. Project #9 for this client. This is white, in contrast to his usual stained cherry projects. I just forgot to take a picture before I left. I should be back over there for project #11 soon, and I will take pictures then.

This is the first in a set of guitar cases.

This is a set of radiused shelves to go alongside of a curved stairwell. This matches other projects I have already done for him. Project #4 for this client.

This is an armoir/bench combo. Five sections of the bench will open for storage, and the armoir will rest on top of the bench in the center. These match the angled bench seats, bookshelves, and entertainment centers I already built for him. Project #3 for this client.

I added six drawers to the custom bench seat/armoir that I did for this client.

Mahogany 2 inch thick floating shelves. Suspended with 1/2 inch thick steel bars driven into the studs.

This is a bed frame made from reclaimed wood.

This is a color match maple breakfast bar with a wine rack at one end, and open adjustable shelving at the other. It has a 108" wide finished back that faces the living room.

This is a dining room table and a bench made out of douglas fir, and #1 pine.

This is how I remove a panel from a door and replace it with speaker cloth.

This is a replacement top for a coffee table out of Mahogany.

This is a set of replacement doors for the various vanities in this home.

This is a wall to wall, floor to ceiling set of cabinets in the playroom with an entertainment center and office incorporated into it, as well as open storage, and a roll-out chair that looks like a cabinet door when put away. There is also a giant set of pantry cabinets in the kitchen area.

This is a stained entertainment center and window seat. The seat lifts up to reveal storage in the bench.

This is a cherry case for a statue that has multi-colored leds in the top of the arch.

This is pair of bedside tables. They match an old cabinet the client has. It is stained cherry with raised panel ends, and inset doors, and drawers. The wood top has a fully bullnosed 5/4 hunk of wood for the edge. It also has cove moulding to go below the wood top. Project #3 for this client.

This is a set of cabinets for an enclosed wet bar. There is a set of upper cabinets with glass doors, and a lower cabinet with a counter and a sink. Next to the lower cabinet is an under counter refrigerator. This matches the mantle I made for them in the same room. Project #4 for this client.

This is a stained oak curio cabinet.

A solid alder floating mantle shelf. This is suspended by 1/2" steel rods drilled into the brick, and the back of the mantle. It is stained to match their floor. This client has different themes in each room.
I did a white revere style mantle and surrounding cabinetry in the living room, and espresso shaker cabinets with beaded door panels in their entry way/mud room. This mantle is going in the family room over their other fireplace. Project #3 for this client.

This is the sign in the meeting room at ALLDATA. The little black bar at the bottom sends light upwards, and illuminates the sandblasted portions of the sign. It's a little hard to see in the pictures.

This is stained maple component cabinet, and a face frame/door combo for a nook over the closet.

This is a captain's bed. It has five 22" deep drawers on one side. Metal bolts into metal nuts for longevity, and ease of assembly.

This is a cabinet addition on the living room side of the peninsula. It has an angled end to merge with the existing cabinet.

This is 2 walls of floating shelves. These are cherry with a dark walnut stain, and will be fastened to the walls with 1/2 steel bars into the studs.

This is a pair of maple shelves, and a shelving unit.

This is a set of shelves to hold dumbbells. It goes next to the entertainment center I made for them previously. This is project #4 for this client. I had my wife drop it off, and she didn't have the camera. I will be going there again, and I will take some pictures then.

This is a radiused oak end table.

This is phase 4 of a part white, part shaded maple project. This is the new hood cabinet.

This is a hickory shoe rack I made for my wife for our anniversary.

We changed carpeted stairs into wood stairs.

A retro-fit tv stand.
We raised the tv up,
and moved the media units below.

A rustic hickory built in dresser set with a wardrobe, and a security monitor space with glass doors. The top of the cabinet on the far right end is completely removable. This provides access to the attic entrance hole.

I call this "Island in the sky", or "Skyland"
Great for having the things you need right at the table.
It is high enough up that you can see past it without ducking.
I hung from it before I put dishes in it, to test it.
(Taken before crown and finish.)

The hanging headboard.
Great for storage of extra pillows, blankets, sheets, etc.

The San Francisco Harley Davidson downstairs rental shop.
Not the best picture. The transaction counter is laminate,
incorporating 1/4 steel, and aluminum, with see through
metal screen. Gotta have that sturdy Hog look.

This is an addition to a few areas in a home in Reno. It is color matched Maple.