Custom cabinetry and woodworking
Hutch Page
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This is a pair of off white bookshelf hutches for either side of a fireplace.

A stained Mahogany hutch, and shelf. There is also a window sill, and frame, and a trash roll-out.

This is a stained mahogany nook. It has wood doors, and drawers on the bottom section, and clear glass doors on the top section. I use clear silicone to hold the glass in place. (The picture was taken before the glass was put in the doors, and they have to lay flat for 24 hours. The client will snap the doors back on the hinge plates, and take another picture for me.) It has a prominent pedestal, and rosettes.

This is a cherry storage cabinet.

This is a Swiss Coffee wall unit that can be an entertainment center, or bookshelves, or both.